4-Week Jump Start Special!

New Market, Md residents only

Must be completed between 11/1/16-12/1/16

Morning sessions only

12 consecutive sessions 

3 days a week


Online Packages
Alternative Packages
Fitness Packages

Alternative Training/Nutrition Counseling

  • Online customized, dietician created meal plans
  • ​Monitored and customized online personal training programs
  • ​Fit & Sexy Camp
  • 8- Week Online Toning Sessions​
  • Meal Plan & Customized Fitness Routine Package
  • ​Nutrition Counseling Program
  • Meal Preparing Services/Shopping:                                6 Meals: $90 +tax
  • Fitness/Nutrition Combination Packages
  • ​Fitness Challenge 
  • ​In-home Cooking Class

Please read

  • Payment plans are available (based on the full price).

  • No payment plans on specials.

  • Paypal payments must be paid no later than 48 hrs prior to appointment date.


  • ​All sessions must be purchased in a package.
  • All sessions must be used within 30 days of purchase and used in consecutive weeks. This ensures consistent results. 
  • We offer in-home group sessions. 2 people minimum, 3 people maximum. All members must be present at each session 400.00 for 4 sessions. Clients will be charged one session for cancellations less than 24 hrs.

​​​Holistic Life/Relationship Coaching:
Exploration Session: 

$75: 45 minutes
This session is the initial consultation to discover the client needs, discuss packages, answer questions, gather history and background information. Packages that best fit the client will be discussed during exploration.

Fitness/ Nutrition Packages:
35- Minute Sessions (Suffolk residence only starting Jan. 10)

  • 8 Monthly Sessions- $216 

Current Pricing (Special)
(New pricing model applies to new clients only)
Fitness Packages

  • 4 Sessions: $208 (52 per session)
  • 8 Sessions: $376 (47 per session)

  • 12 Sessions: $504 (42per session)

  • 4-35 minute session 120.00 (Suffolk Residents)

Fitness/Meal Prep Packages: 

  • 8 Sessions/ 4 Meals: $440
  • 12 Sessions/6 Meals: $600

Large Package Specials 

  • 8 Sessions per month (3 months) $1128

  • 12 Sessions per month (3 months) $1512

Military weigh-in package

  • 12 Sessions- 1 Month: $500

  • 12 sessions- 3 Months-$1510

New Market Youth Under age 10- $40 per hour 

  • 4 Sessions: $160
  • 8 Sessions: $320
  • ​12 Sessions: $420 (35)

Elite Package: $800 per month

​In-home cooking with personal training sessions. Requires 12 sessions per month. Client  is responsible for groceries. 3 meals per day are prepared on MWF and includes 2 snacks. These meals will cover 6 days of the week (18 meals). Session time will be 1.5 hours long to include the cooking portion. Purchase under alternate packages.

After the initial consultation, we will get started with the plan that we developed during the assessment process. The assessment process will consist of going over paperwork, taking photos and measurements. We will discuss your current nutritional needs and build a meal plan. Each package comes with follow up phone calls for updates, questions and measurements will be taken. The final photo is taken at the end of the last session. Your trainer will be your social support and your biggest motivator. We only train women and children on-site, but we assist men with customized online meal plans and online fitness training programs. Payment must be made no later than 48 hrs prior to the appointment. Payments made later will delay the first appointment.


 Contact for consultation and assessment
Contact if payment plan is needed for long term training

Terms and Conditions

  • Invoices are due immediately, late fees apply to late invoices.

  • 20% Non-refundable deposit for start dates further than 2 weeks (Contact page to request deposit invoice).

  • If a payment plan has been created it must be paid on time (due immediately), failure to pay on time breaks the agreement and full payment is required. 

  • Payments plans are created based on full per session price. 

  • Your  appointment is not confirmed until payment is made. 
  • Payments for session sets are due prior to the last set appointment. 
  • All sessions are done in-home, on site or online.
  • Meal Plans are basic but food customized. Speciality customization is $45 per plan. Fill out Nutritional Information form to determine which plan you require.
  • Fitness/Meal Packages are half lunch/ half dinner
  • Grocery shopping has a $25 convenience  fee with meal preparing services
  • Individual grocery shopping is $50
  • Consultation fee is $50. With purchase it is rolled into total cost, must be paid prior to appointment
  • Clients will be charged one sessions for cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance. One emergency is allowed. Please try to call in advance.
  • Once sessions are paid for the days are removed from the books. In the event of cancellation prior to start date, there will be a 50% penalty for 2 weeks and 75% penalty for a month of date removals. These dates are removed from the books and no clients are placed in that spot. Dates longer than 31 days have a 100% penalty.
  • Full refunds are only issued 3 days prior to start date.
  • All package sessions are to be completed consecutively and within 30 days. Any sessions not used in 30 days are hereby terminated and not entitled to a refund.
  • Due to the nature of the service, no refunds are given once sessions are complete
  • One emergency permitted on the day of which results in a half session loss.
  • Receive a free session for every paid referral.
  • Upon becoming a client, all terms and conditions are agreed upon. 

Prices and Terms subject to change