Coaching Sessions

​As a Holistic Life Coach, the balance of my clients health and wellness is most important.

life delivers many situations...

  1. the hardships that come with daily living.

  2. The unexpected depressions and loss of relationships and lives.

  3. The uncertainty of your next career move can be unsettling.

  4. not being aware of your purpose and feeling lost. 

  5. feeling disconnected from your relationship

  6. difficulty communicating with partner

  7. weight gain/ weight loss from stress and environmental factors

I complete sessions in 4 ways: In person, online, email or via phone . Comfort level is very important, so a central location for in-person visits is necessary. I have the ability to address many areas that surround overall wellness. Our sessions will be targeted towards your needs and getting you on the path to wholeness! Mind, body, soul, spirit, love, food and fitness are connected to every aspect and decision of our lives. Relationships, career, health and life in general. When we connect these aspects, we have freed the space to begin a new and exciting journey with confidence! I am also a certified Couples L.I.N.K.S (Lasting Intimacy through Nurturing Knowledge & Skills) and P.i.c.k.s (premarital ,interpersonal, choices & knowledge) instructor. I teach couples and individuals about the need to regularly balance their imbalances by strengthening and setting goals with each of the five dynamics of the RAM (Relationship Attachment Model)  in weekly sessions.​ The program teaches how to pace the development of a relationship in a healthy way so that the love is blind syndrome is avoided. I teach how to get to know a partner in ways that accurately predicts what they will be like in a long-term relationship

Looking forward to working with you!

​Tarah D.