Tarah Davidson is an advanced certified personal trainer, certified specialist in fitness nutrition, certified holistic life coach, certified couples links instructor, certified personal fitness chef, CERTIFIED ADVISOR IN advanced SPORTS & EXERCISE NUTRITION & child nutrition,  and ACHI magazine award nominee for Health and Fitness advocate. 

After her military training, she completed a Bachelors in both Human Services and Criminal Justice/Psychology. she holds a masters in behavior analysis and is currently completing licensure as a Clinical Professional counselor.  tarah has a passion for working with people and helping with healing inside and out through behavior modification. she understands that real problem solving must begin from cleansing the mind, body and soul.  Upon being diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease,  she decided to take her health and fitness into her own hands. Through research and application, she was able to change her life. she walks the walk with her clients, understanding what it takes to lose weight after child birth via c-section, thyroid issues, diastasis recti, fibromyalgia and issues from medical diagnoses, as well as life lessons in motherhood, marriage and decision making.  during this journey she recently experienced a near death trauma that enhanced her love to help others.  She is dedicated to not only improving your health and wellness, but is there to be your social support. Health and wellness are not only what she does, it is who she is. 

​welcome to physical vitality...


Physical Vitality is private personal training for the modern day person, services are available in-home and online for your convenience. 

humble Beginnings

When I created Physical Vitality, it was out of need. Life happened and it hit like a ton of bricks.  I have always loved helping people and aimed to create a business that would be fully beneficial. Healing from within, love, food and fitness; pairing them seem to be the best idea! While I was pregnant (in my 30's), I wanted a trainer that understood the changes that I was experiencing. I wanted a coach/trainer that understood life's ups and downs in careers, love, loss, pregnancy, family stress, health and overall life decisions.  From body changes and confusion, to nutritional needs, everything was different. After delivery, I suffered from diastasis-recti (abdominal separation) and a bout of Baby Blues. Questioning life as I knew it. I wanted someone to be able to help me as a whole person, so I created that person.  I am no different than every other woman. Wife, mom (5 yr old & 6 month old daughters), business owner, student; women know the term busy quite well. We want to feel great and look great. I wanted to build a business that would serve that need. And hence, a business was born!