The Difference

Physical Vitality is certified to address many areas of one's life. Mental, emotional, physical, fitness, relationships, diet, careers, health... WHOLENESS. Once one aspect is healed, A different one may fall apart. My goal is to mend those fences. 

Balancing is key!

Your Purpose is Powerful!

Healing the whole person creates a better person in all facets of their lives


  • Holistic Life/Relationship Coaching
  • In-home & On-Site Personal Training Sessions 

  • Couple/Group Training Sessions

  • Dietician Created Meal Plans​

  • Meal Preparing Services 

  • Nutrition Counseling

  • Military Weigh-in (PRT) Packages​

  • Youth Fitness Training

  • Pre/Postnatal Training 

  • Online Personal Training

  • VideoTraining (FaceTime, Hangout, Skype)​

  • Online Toning Sessions