Thumbtack Best Pro of 2015

The Difference

Physical Vitality is certified to address many areas of one's life. Mental, emotional, physical, fitness, relationships, diet, careers, health... WHOLENESS. Once one aspect is healed, A different one may fall apart. My goal is to mend those fences. 

Balancing is key!


Your Purpose is Powerful!

Healing the whole person creates a better person in all facets of their lives

  • Holistic Life/Relationship Coaching
  • In-home & On-Site Personal Training Sessions 

  • Couple/Group Training Sessions

  • Dietician Created Meal Plans​

  • Meal Preparing Services 

  • Nutrition Counseling

  • Military Weigh-in (PRT) Packages​

  • Youth Fitness Training

  • Pre/Postnatal Training 

  • Online Personal Training

  • VideoTraining (FaceTime, Hangout, Skype)​

  • Online Toning Sessions